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We lead the transformation process of organisations in a flexible, efficient, agile and innovative way.


Excellent, close and reliable technology consultancy

If there is one word that defines us par excellence, it is commitment. We are a trusted advisor that offers solid and reliable solutions, backed by a network of experts at the service of innovation and a constant commitment to our clients.

Our goal is to turn our solutions into a powerful tool for change and business growth for organisations that are committed to high value and performance. Our experience at national and international level has positioned us in the market thanks to mobility, accessibility and agility solutions that are of great help to organisations, which thus see the opportunity to minimise risks and accelerate their growth.

Teamwork, perseverance, experience and commitment are the pillars on which Acevedo’s work philosophy is based.


A committed, human and hyper-specialised team


Acevedo’s mission is to contribute to the sustainability and growth of our society through high added value consulting and technology services that make organisations more efficient. Through a highly specialised organisation in IT and highly qualified professionals focused on the excellence of products and services, we want to be a consulting firm of high professional and personal value.


We aspire to be a leading consulting firm in Spanish-speaking countries in the provision of IT services and Business Management Consulting. Our obsession to offer the best customer experience, and the training and motivation of our team, helps us to get closer to this great challenge every day.

We are oriented beyond the business value, because in Acevedo we are committed to the sustainable development of society and the planet, and we want to contribute what is in our power to make the world a better place.

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Our goal is that both employees and clients feel proud to go hand in hand with Acevedo in their projects. We want our work philosophy, our values and effectiveness to be the pillars for establishing solid and lasting relationships of trust.


The commitment to excellence is a constant commitment in our daily work. This excellence is oriented to the development of effective and efficient products and services, but also to give the best human treatment to our team and customers, working every day to implement our social responsibility policy and the models oriented to the fulfilment of the Sustainable Development Goals.


At Acevedo we believe in human value and its enormous potential to work in solid, flexible and competitive environments, increasing its effectiveness and guarantee through values such as perseverance, perseverance and humility. Trust is an essential value to achieve any objective.


A socially responsible business

At Acevedo we are a socially responsible company and we are committed to sustainability and social justice. For this reason, we have incorporated the Sustainable Development Goals into our Corporate Social Responsibility policy, through concrete, defined actions with very clear objectives.

These goals provide a blueprint for sustainable growth for all developing and emerging countries, making a universal call to action until 2030, the year set for the achievement of the goals.

We understand that the role of business is very important in solving issues that affect the living conditions of the world’s population, and that the development and growth of an organisation is not only measured by its economic performance, but also by its social, environmental and human contributions.

Training is important to us, and that is why at Acevedo we collaborate with internship programmes in companies in Higher Vocational Training Institutes in the New Technologies branch. We have several collaboration agreements in place with training centres, so that students can carry out their internships with us, giving them the opportunity to continue learning while they develop their professional career at Acevedo, a committed and responsible company.
The concept of innovation is an indispensable factor at Acevedo. We work to ensure that our clients take advantage of all the facilities that technology puts within their reach, to configure efficient companies that get the most out of their businesses, obtaining the best results. Hence our commitment to always be at the forefront of business management solutions for our clients.
We have developed a consistent and real Equality Plan, because we believe that talent and professionalism know no gender. The implementation of measures aimed at implementing a culture of balance in the company, with professional development and promotion policies, seeks to ensure equal opportunities above all else. Thanks to flexible working and teleworking measures, we want to achieve a real family reconciliation, to facilitate the incorporation and development of women in the workplace.
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