We look for the best professionals to maximise the potential of technological solutions.


Creating a great team of professionals optimises results

At Acevedo we are aware that technological solutions are not of great help if you do not have the right professional to enhance, maintain and optimise them. Having a team of people who make the most of the tool can make the difference and make a company more competitive.

We make the search and recruitment options more flexible, adapting to the specific needs of each of our clients by offering various ways of searching for and recruiting talent.

01 Head Hunting

We search for and select the professionals who best meet the needs of our clients. We carry out a complete and demanding selection process that allows us to certify and guarantee the technical and functional knowledge of the candidates, creating the perfect match between them and our clients.

02 Freelance Professionals

We offer our clients the services of freelance professionals, who can attend to specific technical or functional needs, with no commitment to incorporation and with flexibility in terms of presence and timetables.

03 Staff Outsourcing

We have a pull of functional and technical professionals to offer you the outsourcing service, creating an external department with all the advantages and benefits, without the need to increase staff, or generate labour costs.

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