Oracle APEX Tool

Oracle APEX Tool

Knowing the most common development technologies for Oracle E-Business Suite and Oracle Cloud, such as Oracle Forms&Reports or Oracle Framework (OAF), today I come to talk about another technology that could help you create new developments easily, quickly and which fit your business needs, Oracle Application Express (Oracle APEX).

Oracle Application Express, is a development platform that allows you to create amazing secure and scalable enterprise applications with the ability to deploy them anywhere. As APEX is a low-code development platform, it allows the creation of applications without the need for extensive programming knowledge.

Its interface is easy to understand, with a wide variety of documentation at your disposal and even the possibility of installing a series of example applications from the “App Gallery” menu. Being a Cloud technology, as well as being able to integrate with Oracle Cloud, it can also be configured for Oracle E-Business Suite.

Once installed this tool from the administrator panel allows the creation of Work Areas, where applications and users will be located, which depending on their role can develop applications or simply access them, having the possibility of customising the access of end users to the application.

Another feature to highlight in this tool is that once the work area is configured. From the SQL Workshop option, the different developers are allowed to create, modify or query the different objects in the database, which is a great advantage when you do not have direct access to the database.

Oracle APEX also includes the Team Development section, which allows developers to create targeted tasks, log bugs in applications currently in use or even plan future deployments. In addition to this, users using the application are given the possibility to send feedback to the developers at any time in case they find a bug or a feature that can be improved.

After getting to know the main features of this tool, the following advantages can be highlighted:

  • Requires little programming knowledge

  • Simple interface and quick application creation

  • High scalability to deploy applications in different environments

  • It has an object browser that allows access to objects in the database.

  • It includes the feature of being able to receive feedback from users and the possibility of keeping track of future tasks and bugs found in the applications.

I would ask for a little more of your time to take a look at the following videos:

References and useful links for further information:

I hope I have been able to expand your knowledge of development technologies, being Oracle APEX one of the best choices if you want to develop advanced applications in an easy and fast way, with a great scalability and also to be able to integrate with the different Oracle ERP, such as Oracle E-Business Suite or Oracle Cloud.




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