Consulting Sector  

 A strong project management solution guarantees the quality of delivery and the increase of success stories.


Real-time budget and process control

Acevedo, as a consultancy firm, understands perfectly the needs of this sector, the daily requirements and the KPIs that have to be measured to guarantee quality standards and obtain a net profit.

In this sector, time management and human capital productivity are the basic pillars and the ones that will mark the success of the company when it comes to making a balance sheet. Anticipating time deviations in the projects carried out will make the difference between fulfilling or not fulfilling the commitments acquired with the client, thus avoiding incurring penalties or unforeseen expenses.


Control of budgetary deviations

A powerful budgeting module that controls all variables.


Profitability / productivity analysis

The study of this data is vital for success in the consulting sector.


Comprehensive management of available resources

Get a complete and effective solution that analyses all variables.

Therefore, the solution chosen for business management must have, on the one hand, an advanced project management module, and on the other hand, a CRM capable of offering absolute control of the entire portfolio of interested, potential and current clients.

Lastly, a powerful finance module will allow you to maintain absolute control of the budget and a permanent real-time comparison with actual income.


Small and medium-sized enterprises
Oracle NetSuite

Large and medium-sized enterprises
Oracle E-Business Suite

Large and medium-sized enterprises
Oracle Cloud

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