EBS Managed Services

Get the most out of Oracle EBS and optimise its high level of performance

Oracle E-Business Suite

The best option for large organisations

With our Oracle EBS managed service we offer comprehensive management of the platform. We are in charge of supervising month after month that everything is going well, making the necessary adjustments and improvements to guarantee the best performance of the tool.

We have testing and quality tools that allow us to anticipate future incidents, such as tool interruptions or crashes, checking that customisations work correctly, that concurrent programmes operate properly and do not interfere negatively in other processes, thus guaranteeing the proper functioning of the management solution on a permanent basis.

Some of the benefits of having the Oracle EBS managed service are:

  • Reduce IT operational costs
  • Increase your business efficiency and agility
  • Improve your return on investment
  • Extends the use and value of your existing systems
  • You can maintain the customisations that add value to your business.
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