Logistics Sector

The priority of an optimised and measured warehouse in logistics companies as a key to success


Rapid response, dynamic information and sustainable growth

This sector moves a large volume of capital and projects each year. Our information management systems make it easy to find, use and share information and data with suppliers and vendors. The right management software for your industry sector will give you greater control of your business, a scalable solution that will grow as your needs grow and ensures the potential for improved return on investment.

Each product requires tracking all the information generated, such as the quantity of materials, personnel, orders, subcontracting… A management software adapted to the needs of the organisation makes this complexity as flexible as possible and allows you to find business opportunities through the concentration of production or the integration of processes.


Management of storage bins

Time optimisation for process improvement


Real-time inventory valuation 

Avoid unforeseen situations thanks to accurate data analysis.


Comprehensive control of article series and batches

You will gain competitivesness with full control of the batch series of stock.

We focus on solutions that are perfectly tailored to the specific needs of the industry and the potential of our products. With our management solution, you can become more competitive through automated processes in order to deal with specific aspects in the right way. It is a management solution that allows you to gain in competitiveness through the automated global management of your processes, to properly address the aspects that define and mark the viability of these businesses.

Through our solutions you can carry out a review of contracted services, personnel-based route planning and all fleet management.

You can also keep track of personnel management, by storing route information, mileage, payroll management…

Fleet management is also important and can be classified by managing invoices and repairs, controlling consumption per vehicle, or repairs.

You can also control invoicing thanks to predetermined groupings of services according to invoice or type of transport.

Small and medium-sized enterprises
Oracle NetSuite

Large and medium-sized enterprises
Oracle E-Business Suite

Large and medium-sized enterprises
Oracle Cloud

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