Retail Sector

The certainty and security of getting the right prices and the ideal stock.


Control your business in detail with an intuitive system to gain competitiveness.

Organisations in the retail sector need to manage and control the business in detail, obtaining as much information as possible, through simple and intuitive programmes for companies that integrate with the rest of the applications or tools, and that allow the business to gain in competitiveness and increase its profits.

Thanks to our solutions you can obtain an integral vision adapted to retail distribution, personalising rates and services for each establishment. You can control the status of stock or orders at all times and supervise the performance of each employee.


Allows you to anticipate stock shortages.

Controls the status of stock and orders at all times and avoids inconveniences.


Comprehensive supplier management

Accurate and up-to-date information to increase profitability.


Product pricing control

Adapt your sales to the real situation of the company by analysing all the variables.

Our business management systems also provide different formulas for customer loyalty thanks to the retail management system and programme and allow you to define better cross-selling and up-selling strategies. In this way, you can optimise your investment and achieve optimum amortisation.

You will forget about security problems, thanks to secure systems that prevent the loss of information. Improve predictability by always obtaining company information in real time, and boost scalability thanks to a tool that adapts to the size of the company and facilitates access to information with a simple and intuitive interface.

Small and medium-sized enterprises
Oracle NetSuite

Large and medium-sized enterprises
Oracle E-Business Suite

Large and medium-sized enterprises
Oracle Cloud

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