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Make a difference by monitoring deviations between budget and actual at all times.


A high value backgrounf for decision making

We have business management systems for service companies with complex project management that guarantee detailed control of information, providing a high-value background for decision-making in the necessary departmental areas.

We offer systems with a high level of functionality for the integral management of projects, thanks to their scalability and flexibility, which allows us to provide services for global projects. This functionality is due to a structure that allows it to be divided at all times by offer and project.



Resource allocation control

Constant planning of revenues, costs and resources.


Financial reporting for decision making

Up-to-date, high-value information will facilitate the best choice.


Control of possible defaults

Know the profitability of each project at all times.

You will be able to detect mismatches between the financial and project operating accounts, allowing you to know the profitability of each project at all times. You will be able to analyse the business from multiple perspectives and control all the planning of income, costs and resources. You will also be able to optimise time, thanks to the instant knowledge of the real progress of the projects and know from the first moment the sales opportunities and profitability of the resources.

In this way, all projects will improve their profitability and, thanks to the information obtained at all times during the process, you will achieve maximum customer satisfaction.

Small and medium-sized enterprises
Oracle NetSuite

Large and medium-sized enterprises
Oracle E-Business Suite

Large and medium-sized enterprises
Oracle Cloud

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