Oracle ERP Cloud

Secure, up-to-date and accessible information to identify growth opportunities for your company.


Oracle ERP Cloud will help you get your business decisions right

Oracle ERP Cloud is a safe bet for companies and organisations, especially for large organisations. Its set of applications will help you to make the right decisions in your business, as it allows you to understand and interpret the data of each department, offering a global vision of the company, which facilitates decision-making at the right time, anticipating opportunities or difficulties that may arise in the daily activity of the company.

Oracle ERP Cloud integrates easily with other applications already installed, and offers real-time information, secure and always available to all users. Its functionality allows you to create customised reports and tables that will help you make strategic decisions in time, as well as analyse and identify weak points and detect specific problems in the organisation.


The fast and scalable solution
Discover all the powerful modules of this solution that is perfect for companies due to its scalability and easy maintenance.

01 Financials

Oracle Financials Cloud includes finance, expense and revenue management. Whatever the challenge set by your organisation, it is the best comprehensive, integrated and scalable financial management solution available with extensive support.

02 Accounting Hub

Oracle Financials Cloud has a robust accounting engine that provides complete and timely information. Through its capabilities, it unifies accounting systems and ensures consistent application of accounting policies and the provision of complete and timely information for decision making.

03 Oracle Procurement Cloud

With Oracle Procurement Cloud you will achieve a more efficient, effective and influential procurement organisation that helps you keep costs under control, select the best suppliers, enforce policies and manage supplier risk. It’s perfect for organisations of any size.

04 Project Management

Oracle Projects Management provides an end-to-end solution that substantially improves the way project-based organisations operate by enabling effective project management, while ensuring smarter business decisions based on a single source of project information. It facilitates communication in a secure and collaborative environment.

05 Risk Management

Oracle Risk Management Cloud provides advanced AI-based security, audit and fraud monitoring to protect your business from fraud and error with advanced best practice controls and new audit rules to minimise risk. 

06 Entreprise Performance Management

Oracle EPM Cloud helps align planning across the enterprise, enabling you to respond to change faster and more effectively, developing agile forecasts for all lines of business.

07 AI Apps for ERP Cloud

Oracle AI Apps for ERP Cloud is a set of data-driven, AI-based capabilities that help procurement and finance teams improve financial performance. It also allows the CFO’s office to focus on strategic initiatives rather than routine tasks.

08 Supply Chain Management

Oracle SCM Cloud includes supply chain planning, direct procurement, inventory, orchestration, logistics, product lifecycle management and more. Oracle SCM Cloud connects your supply network with an integrated set of enterprise cloud applications designed and built to overcome change, enabling organisations to gain agility and adapt to change.


What does ERP Cloud bring to you?

Rapid deployment of the solution: The investment and availability is instantaneous and does not need to address the installation and configuration of the infrastructure.

Easy maintenance: the service ensures that the environment will always be available in the best conditions of use.

A complete ERP: the modules address all the needs of organisations.

Scalability of the system: it adapts to the structural and organisational changes of companies in a simple way.

Oracle Human Capital Management is the cloud tool that connects all HR processes from recruitment to retirement.

  • Consistent experience across all devices.
  • Enable a trusted source of HR data to improve decision making.
  • Market-leading innovation to address your current and future needs.


The HR Cloud solution


Supply chain management in the cloud

Oracle Supply Chain Management & Manufacturing enables you to connect your supply network with an integrated set of cloud applications allowing for flexibility in requirements and adaptability to change.

Benefits of Oracle Cloud SCM

  • Continuously improve forecast accuracy, collaboration, and end-to-end visibility with flexible and resilient supply chain planning, manufacturing, and execution.
  • Leverage customer experience, operations, machine, and product data to predict trends, model scenarios, and plan effectively.
  • Exceed customer expectations through seamless ordering and service right the first time with a unified solution for sales, service and supply chain management.
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