Financial Sector

Leading the industry means achieving excellence in the analysis of all financial information.


Reporting adapted to the complexity of the information available

The financial sector requires a business management solution that exceeds the guarantee and reliability standards of the financial modules of any platform. It is very important that it has a reporting system that is fully adapted to the complexity of the information to be processed, in order to have millimetric control of the accounts and their evolution or deviations.

At Acevedo we have extensive experience with clients with very specific needs for financial consolidation of several companies in the organisation, electronic invoicing, localisations, tax model presentations, taxes and immediate supply of information (SII).


Real-time reporting available

Accounts comprehensively monitored at all times.



State localisation and communication with official bodies

We are experts in Electronic Invoicing and SII.



Automation of model submission processes

Save time and costs through automation.

We have also developed comprehensive, sector-specific reports for the processing of income statements, profit and loss statements, balance sheets and general ledgers.
We understand the sector, the challenges it faces and our management platforms are optimised with customised developments that allow for 360-degree confidence and reliability in our solutions.

Small and medium-sized enterprises
Oracle NetSuite

Large and medium-sized enterprises
Oracle E-Business Suite

Large and medium-sized enterprises
Oracle Cloud

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