Oracle E-Business Suite

A solid suite with a long track record and enormous reliability adapted to today’s large business models.


Investing in Oracle EBS is a sure bet for the long term

Oracle e-Business Suite is one of the most complete and proven business application suites on the market, compatible with the most current business models

Its use helps to make business decisions and to address all the business processes of an organisation while minimising costs.

It is compatible with the evolution of all business models and its use is a safe bet for productivity, meeting the demands of today’s user profile.

Oracle EBS provides a single, global information base that ensures that all departments are aligned with the organisation’s corporate objectives.

The suite integrates seamlessly with Oracle Cloud, ensuring effective use and thus enjoying the enormous possibilities offered by cloud hosting. This solution provides significant cost savings, increased productivity and makes it easy to adapt to change thanks to the versatility of a scalable infrastructure.

The NetSuite user interface offers real-time analysis. Users know at all times what steps they are taking and how they are helping the business, with reports and key performance indicators easily accessible wherever they are.

It is also an ERP that stands out for its simplicity and flexibility, so it adapts to possible changes in the company and the current needs, since with each NetSuite update, an easy migration can be made, which opens up a whole world of possibilities.


The application suite par excellence
Oracle EBS has several modules that adapt to the needs of each organisation to optimise the information received. 

01 Financials

Get a complete overview of your financial situation and control over all transactions. You will be able to close your accounts faster and make the best decisions based on real-time data, as well as reduce the total cost related to your business. Increase the transparency and speed of financial reporting and reporting, helping you in the day-to-day running of your business. 

02 Sales

This module is focused on accelerating and enhancing the sales cycle through the use of advanced development tools, which support and back up multi-channel and multi-departmental sales processes. It helps you to evolve sales management and sales effectiveness.

03 Marketing

It will help you to detect the best market opportunities through the efficiency of campaigns and the exploitation and detection of market opportunities. You will be able to manage the life cycle of leads and prospects and obtain KPIs that allow you to make the best decisions. 

04 Production

Increases the production capacity of all processes in your corporation. This module is designed to support specific manufacturing processes, and is continuously optimised, leading to improved processes, lower operating costs and ensuring regulatory compliance. 

05 Logistics

It controls the entire process execution. This optimises the flow of materials through the supply channel with continuous management and compensation of service costs, enabling you to match your services to customer expectations.

06Supply Change Management (SCM)

Enables the organisation to make better decisions and optimise the flow of materials, confirmations and completed orders, and information through its supply channel. It provides visibility and real-time information and collaboration throughout the supply chain.

07 Order and inventory execution

Increase the production capacity of all processes in your corporation. This module is designed to support specific manufacturing processes, and is continuously optimised, leading to improved processes, lower operating costs and ensuring compliance with regulatory standards. 

08 Procurement

Through Oracle Procurement, a suite of applications designed to manage the potential complications associated with the procurement process for both goods and services, organisations can drive the delivery of operations, business requirements, supplier collaboration, strategic sourcing and procurement intelligence. The Buyer Centre will enable centralised purchasing across all organisations in the company.

09 Services

Proprietary web services and management expertise lower the cost of your switchboard. Automatic verification of operations prevents loss of revenue and contract management eliminates the cost of manual labour.

10 Maintenance

Maintenance modules provide proactive plans and facilitate execution for facilities, fleets, industrial plants and aircraft. Effective and active management generates better operating margins, increases asset life and ensures a high degree of safety and reliability. 


11 Product life cycle management

Helping companies to efficiently manage innovation processes from start to finish. Organisations can maximise the cost of each product, throughout the product life cycle, through secure collaboration between negotiating partners, integrated project and product information, and good analysis to improve the decision-making process.

12 Projects

It improves company projects and manages company resources by optimising the entire lifecycle of these plans, integrating them with company operations and making all relevant information available to stakeholders at any time. This makes it easier for organisations to make decisions and integrates operations globally. 

13 Human Resources

Oracle Human Resources Management Systems is the best suite of applications on the market related to the efficient management of human capital. By optimising the recruitment process, it provides the tools necessary to align employees with business objectives, addressing human resources, benefits/benefits, payroll, recruiting, time management, training and analytical needs. 


14 Intelligence

Oracle E-Business Intelligence is a suite of reporting and analysis applications designed to deliver real-time, accurate, actionable information to executives, managers and employees with decision-making responsibilities. 

15 Fixed Assets

Oracle Fixed Assets is a comprehensive asset management solution that optimises the life cycles and depreciation of all the elements catalogued as fixed assets within the company. Control from the entry to the possible sale of the asset..



What does Oracle E-Business Suite bring to you?
  • Global database: Oracle EBS provides a single, global information base that ensures all channels and data are aligned with corporate objectives.
  • Reduce costs: Enables you to work smarter, increasing efficiency and reducing administrative costs.
  • Unify: Provides an integrated system of applications that comprehensively manages the operation of organisations.
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