Communication and publishing sector

 A change to a process or part of a process can make all the difference to the productivity and control of your organisation.

Accurate information for maximum profitability

The publishing market is facing challenges where our business management solutions are perfectly suited, helping to better manage sales, distribution, rights, royalties and print process management.

In this sector, special attention needs to be paid to order management, customer relationship management, consignment sales, direct mail campaign analysis, returns processing, sales analysis, inventory… and all these needs are covered by our solutions.


Campaign response analysis

Get all the accurate data for each project and campaign.


CRM integrated with other departments

Facilitates decision-making and anticipation of changes.


Management of rights and royalties

It guarantees the correct management of one of the great challenges of the publishing market.

Thanks to the control of production orders, production costs and quality control, you will obtain accurate information for maximum profitability.

The planning of operations and processes within the constraints of resources and capacities is guaranteed.

You will also obtain an economic-financial analysis of the results that provides solid information to decide how to act as well as a detailed calculation of the budget, the layout and editorial costs.

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