IT Services Outsourcing

Efficiency and commitment from the hand of specialised and highly qualified professionals.


We are part of your organisation with total confidence

We offer you a team of experts in support, maintenance and development of your business services information system. We have a highly trained team, made up of experts in various platforms and in the development of native solutions for your organisation.

Not all the tasks necessary for the proper functioning of the company are the core business for the company. The decision to rely on a Partner is key to delegate those areas that do not add value, or are excessively costly to manage internally.

Outsourcing non-priority areas allows the focus to be placed on what really matters to each organisation. This delegated time results in a greater possibility of concentrating on the core of the company, with the confidence that the rest of the business continues to function perfectly.

Our high level of training enables us to help you

Thanks to our outsourcing service, your company will always have what it really needs with a professional service adapted to demand.

01 Time & Materials

An agile service for the execution of projects or tasks with a very short and controlled estimated duration. Our commitment is to offer transparent rates with no surprises, with constant communication of the evolution of the work carried out and a guarantee of quality and customer satisfaction.

02 CAU

We can manage the first line of incident resolution, queries or doubts with all the users of your organisation. Our team of professionals is able to absorb the functioning of the organisation they serve, offering users a quick and efficient response and permanently adapting to their needs.

03 Support and Maintenance

It is just as important to carry out a digital transformation process as it is to maintain it afterwards. Our support and maintenance service will prevent incidents, updates or customisations in the business management solutions from stopping the growth or profit reported to the company.

04 Test as a Service

Performing performance, functionality and security audits of the business management tool guarantees the peace of mind that you are working at 100% of the solution’s capabilities. Through our Testing service, we certify the real picture of the ERP’s status, allowing corrective actions to be taken in the areas of improvement detected.

05 Quality as a Service

Our quality service provides a comprehensive overview of the status of the solution, inventorying standards, customisations, custom developments and predicting future incidents. It also establishes a perfect baseline for analysing the impact of reimplementations or migrations.

06 Development

It is very common that the standard business management solutions do not cover all the requirements and needs of companies, so it is necessary to carry out developments that complement the standard processes and adapt to the particularities of each sector or organisation.

Our customised developments guarantee the coverage of the special needs of each company in any of the Oracle solutions. There are many possibilities, and in our case we highlight three types of developments:

  • Integrations: We can integrate third party applications into your management system consolidating all the information in one place and allowing a better and greater processing of the same.
  • Electronic invoicing / Digital signature: We speed up invoicing and signature procedures with direct communication with official bodies, complying with all current regulations.
  • Localisations: We guarantee the fully automatic generation and submission of models, and are currently able to submit the following:
    • IRPF: 111, 115, 123 & 180
    • IVA: 303, 347, 349 & 390

07 EBS Managed Services

With our Oracle EBS managed service we offer comprehensive management of the platform. We take care of supervising month by month that everything is going well, making the necessary adjustments and improvements to ensure the best performance of the tool. More information here.

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